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Land Use Attorney in Mansfield, Massachusetts

Do you or your small business need to resolve an issue before a local Zoning Board, Conservation Commission, or other regulatory body? The Law Office of Adrian LeCesne can help. He is committed to protecting the interests of its Land Use and Zoning clients in reaching the most cost effective and efficient ways possible. This begins with listening to the client's needs and developing a site-specific strategy for overcoming whatever challenges are on the horizon.

In the Middle of a Land Use Dispute?

Land Use is an intensely local practice. Cities have broad authority to create divisions, districts, and zoning rules that can have significant impacts on what you as an owner can do with your property. As a Massachusetts Land Use and Zoning attorney, Adrian LeCesne will help you address the specific rules and personalities of these regulatory entities to help you reach the best possible outcomes.

Massachusetts also has some unique laws relating to wetland delineation. Many land owners become frustrated with decisions made by wetland officers, conservation commissions, or zoning boards of appeal because their property is near an alleged wetland, or has been flooded by neighbors. Gaining permission to do what you want with your property, including resolving questions of wetland science or local jurisdiction, and reversing damage caused by others requires a careful examination of the facts and local law. Adrian LeCesne can help you with these battles, as they would be extremely difficult to successfully navigate alone.

Located in Mansfield, Massachusetts, The Law Office of Adrian LeCesne also serves people throughout the surrounding communities, including those in Sharon, Foxborough, Taunton, and Attleboro. Call today to schedule a consultation.