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Environmental, Permits, & Compliance Attorney in Mansfield, Massachusetts

Navigating the sea of modern regulations can be daunting. Completing project authorization involves persistence, organization, and understanding how institutions interact. If you’ve been accused of environmental non-compliance, or have been the victim of some form of non-compliance or pollution, you will need counsel to resolve your issues.

Adrian LeCesne will help you by carefully analyzing your situation, explaining your options and risks, and working with you each step of the way. For developers this means bring your projects to environmentally satisfactory completion, by obtaining approvals from regulators and consent from local communities. And if you happen to be in those communities, this means making your voices heard at the right time, in a meaningful way.

Dedicated Legal Representation

At the heart of Adrian LeCesne's permitting and compliance practice is effective communication. It begins with listening to you and your needs, to regulators and their expectations, and to the community interacting with the project. It ends with perseverance and projects moving forward in a way that benefits everyone.

Adrian has worked with municipalities in half a dozen states, including Massachusetts, Rhode Island, California, Kansas, Missouri, Texas, Oklahoma, Wyoming and Illinois; as well as state and federal agencies like the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection, California Coastal Commission, the Federal Environmental Protection Agency, and the San Diego County Water Authority, and many local conservation commissions and planning boards.

Adrian LeCesne has a deep understanding of environmental regulations and the mechanics of "getting it done". Whether you're developing your personal residence or a multi-million dollar industrial site, Law Office of Adrian LeCesne can help you achieve your goals. For representation in Mansfield, Massachusetts, or the surround communities including Sharon, Foxborough, Taunton, and Attleboro, please reach out if you require guidance in the course of your operations or have questions about a local business or industrial site in your community.