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Arbitration Attorney in Mansfield, Massachusetts


Litigation in a traditional court system is not the only way to resolve a legal dispute. The Law Office of Adrian LeCesne can assist you with alternative dispute resolution by way of mediation or arbitration, which can often save you time and money, or avoid unwanted publicity.


Mediation is a voluntary dispute resolution method that’s a bit like counseling for the parties. Instead of trading letters through attorneys, you have the opportunity to sit down together with a trained professional for what is essentially an organized settlement conference.

Mediation is non-binding, but gives you a chance to present your story in detail and hear what the other side has to say. In commercial conflicts or situations where money is at the heart of the issue, this is sometimes the simplest and most cost-effective approach.


Unlike Mediation, Arbitration is a binding form of dispute resolution. Think of it like a “private court” where the parties get to pick the judge and create the schedule on their own terms. If you’re entering into a business relationship with a new party, review your contracts carefully to see whether disputes are subject to mandatory arbitration, as this can divert your case from the Courts entirely and prevent a jury trial, which depending on your position, may be a benefit or a burden.

If you have a dispute and are considering going to court but want to avoid the costs of a full trial, or the delay of the formal justice system, investigate mediation.

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Some types of disputes lend themselves to arbitration more easily. The Law Office of Adrian LeCesne can assist with arbitrating a variety of disputes, including but not limited to:

  • Breach of Contract

  • Natural Resource and Energy Project Agreements

  • Joint Ventures

  • Overseas Investments

  • International Sales Agreements

  • Trade

  • International Commercial Disputes

  • Construction Disputes

  • Landlord-Tenant Issues

  • Commercial Lease Disputes

  • Business Litigation

  • Business Contract Disputes

  • Employment Discrimination

  • Personal Injury Claims


If you are a non-United States business or entity, or have a dispute with one, you have the option of using international arbitration to come to a resolution. Here are a few of the organizations that resolve international disputes:

  • International Chamber of Commerce (ICC)

  • International Centre for Dispute Resolution (ICDR)

  • Association for International Arbitration (AIA)

  • China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission (CIETAC)


  • Drafting and review of arbitration clauses

  • Representing claimants and respondents in institutional and ad hoc arbitration

  • Representing parties in litigation to enforce or avoid arbitration agreements

If you find yourself in need of arbitration in Massachusetts or with a non-United States business or entity, please call (708) 703-7636 for a 30-minute consultation.