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Civil Litigation Attorney in Mansfield, Massachusetts

If you're considering suing someone, or have been sued, know that choosing the right counsel can make or break your case. You need counsel that not only guides you, but works to understand your objectives.

An Effective Litigation Attorney

Adrian LeCesne provides well researched creative arguments that address issues at their most fundamental level, and is skilled in litigating and negotiating all types of business disputes. He has experience with contractual disputes, power struggles between business partners, personal injury defense, local property damage and encroachment actions, homeowner's association negligence suits, and more. Whether you have issues with contract and lease drafting, interpretation, or modification; business disputes between members of a partnership or small corporation; or conflicts with (former) commercial partners, Adrian LeCesne can help you resolve your issues.

If you or your small to medium sized business have issues heading to the Courts, Law Office of Adrian LeCesne in Mansfield, Massachusetts will provide you with quality representation and insightful guidance! For representation located in Mansfield, and serving those in Sharon, Foxborough, Taunton, and Attleboro, please reach out for an initial consultation.